MessagePixels LLC
Software Delivery Consulting
Expert product and project management consulting and training to assist
small and mid-sized software teams and IT departments

You are managing a growing software product but you don't know where to go next...
You are an IT manager with a portfolio of projects, struggling to keep them in control...
You are a growing software team, and are overwhelmed with the details of bringing a new product to market...

Deliver Better Software
Let us help you tackle the details of delivering your software products and IT services.  We work with start-ups and smaller businesses (generally 10-100 employees), non-profit organizations, and IT departments to educate and assist with the product delivery process from concept to development to customer service and support.
Our 3D Product Leadership™ framework is designed for Product Managers, Business Analysts, and Project Mangers working with Agile SDLC development teams.

3D Product Leadership™ and Agile Development
Our 3D Product Leadership™ framework is designed specifically for working with Agile SDLC teams, providing lightweight and flexible tools for the product leader.  We know you have limited budget and have one or two people filling the roles of product manager/product owner/business analyst/project manager - 3D Product Leadership reflects this reality by refining those traditional roles, eliminating documentation and process overhead.
Business Analysis and Product Requirements
With fast-paced, Agile development teams, traditional product management or business analysis roles often become a bottleneck for delivering products.  How can the product manager participate int eh current development process and plan for future products?  3D Product Leadership assists by composing a "product story" that evolves with the Agile team, across the product roadmap.
Project Management and Collaboration
Move beyond Post-It notes, stacks of paper, and missed deadlines!  We will show you how you can effectively collaborate with internal and external resources to accomplish any sized project.  3D Product Leadership incorporates tools and techniques to organize your projects without a large investment or learning complex software.
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Connect with Apps
We are producing Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android for educational markets and small businesses. Contact us for more information.
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Build your customer relationships 
Find new customers and keep the customers you have with customer relationship management (CRM). 
All businesses recognize the importance of maintaining relationships with their customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides a complete view of your customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service, and support so you can respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries, issues, and opportunities.
MessagePixels partners with Infor CRM and CRM Plus Consulting to provide effective and affordable CRM solutions to help you eliminate missed opportunities and build better customer relationships. Your customers also benefit with Web-based self-service support options and ability to connect with others.
For more information on a CRM solution, we recommend you visit our partner at CRM Plus Consulting for details.

Looking for MPNews?
MessagePixels MPNews software and services have been retired.
After over eight years of communicating with customers, MPNews software has been retired.  Once popular, newsgroups have been replaced with blogs, chat rooms, and social networks as a source of customer communications.
Existing MPNews Users 
Your copy of MPNews will continue to operate and your license does not expire. However, future updates of the software are not expected.